Roman Tolici

Roman Tolici at Roma Arte in Nuvola

Mobius Gallery is excited to take part in Roma Arte in Nuvola, (Italy) with a solo presentation of new works by Roman Tolici. 

The fair can be visited from 18 to  21 November 2021, between 10 AM to 8 PM at La Nuvola –
Viale Asia 40/44 – Roma (EUR). 

Tolici is fascinated by the relationship between individual and collective consciousness – by our personal choices and actions and the dynamics that result when we come together as families, communities, or simply strangers with a common interest. How these relationships are manifested in terms of destiny, determinism, fate and chance against the backdrop of rationality, nature, order, science and mathematics preoccupy the artist’s work, exploring the laws (whether imaginary or real) that underpin life and the impulses that guide us through them. In his paintings, Tolici traverses the physical and metaphysical universe, mining the intersection between human behavior and forces beyond our control or understanding. (Matthew Price)

Please see the link below for details of their extensive collection.